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November 14, 2012


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leftovers sale + irrelevant things of interest

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 14, 2012, 5:11 PM

Hallooo, I've finally updated my sales page so feel free to look if you're interested in buying prints/buttons/other stuff that I sell at conventions. The url still says 2011 but please ignore it =w=;;;;

The page >>…

Regarding larger posters:

I'm only selling letter-sized and smaller things at the moment because shipping from Canada costs an arm and a leg. BUT, I'll be in U.S. during December, so I can ship 11x17" posters from there.

Drop me a quick comment if interested so I know if I should take pre-orders or not, otherwise I can't print them in time. (you can see the available designs in the photo of my table in my previous Akicon journal :b )

I asked my awesome friend who works for [undisclosed-so-nobody-gets-into-trouble] printer company to print me a continuous print of Paradigm Shift by nuriko-kun using a long-format printer.

So this wonderful thing is now hanging in the perfectly-sized space over my window 8)!
(I was too lazy to take down the drawings of Elizabeth that used to occupy that space, so they're sticking out the bottom in the most tacky manner now ahaha OTL)

And then, he was bored so I also received 3 random prints of this from 3 different printers:

The big one is literally 5 feet across @___@ I don't know where the heck I can put it but it's super cool 8D 8D

Equally unrelated, after Halloween, I put my psyduck costume onto a mound of clothes that sits in a chair next to my bed. That night, all I could see from my pillow was this creepy thing peeking out at me, in the eerie blue glow of my bedside lamp:

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RoselinChan Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aah, I really want to buy some prints! >w< <3
your drawings are amazing! haha and your psyduck :D
could i buy some prints???
Aaaa every time you make a sale journal I'm sad because I never get to buy any D:
the korea keychain is so cute I want that and the kagura/kamui print too! orz
most of all I'd rather buy your original art though because I love original arts haha also parashi artbook I still want.... that........! ONE DAY!
I'd totally send you one *-* is it true you guys get your mail stolen a lot though? I had trouble mailing to Malaysians more than once >o<
ah I'm not sure, never received/sent anything from or to overseas so I'm not sure *~*;; but a friend here sends mail to overseas and it never got through so yes I think? Malaysian mail hasn't the best services lol sob
... Nuri-san... XD;
Ehh what? oAo
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