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My last post was in May so I think it's due time;;;

First, I know really really really late, but THANK YOU for all the sweet (and snarky) birthday messages and all the beautiful gift arts!! They're my little treasures *0*

Thank you also for the Daily Deviation, especially all of you who went out of your way to send me kind words about it despite the disabled comments x:

Uhh this post is so short so here's an Edmund and Susan/Peter/Lucy doodle (Narnia):

Ed by nuriko-kun Pevensies by nuriko-kun

And a Sinbad/Jafar (Magi) wip:

Asdf1 by nuriko-kun

Oh and this is my baby conure, I brought home about 3 months ago. His name is Freddy and he is a goof :)

Photo Oct 27, 1 17 47 PM by nuriko-kun  Photo Oct 25, 1 24 50 PM by nuriko-kun

I spam him on my instagram so feel free to look if you like fuzzballs :>

...another fake Parashi Opening:…

It's really choppy and suuuuuper scribbly because I took like 30 seconds to draw each frame. Please fill in the gaps and gloss over the art with your wonderful imagination! I made it in Windows Movie Maker which is an absolutely evil program =o=

I'll try to fix up the ugly pictures and maybe add some color when I have time, and reupload another version later :b (don't know when though.) For now feel free to watch this one and laugh at it huhuhu

(the song is Tenkuu no Canaria, from ToS *w*b)
Hallooo, sorry for spamming again.

I just made a RedBubble account after trying out a handful of different store sites.

I have to stop selling prints directly for a few months so this is my temporary replacement.

They make stickers which is kinda nifty 8) cause who doesn't like stickers??! (Ok besides mothers with small children who stick them all over the walls.) I ordered a few so I can see the quality for myself, but they haven't arrived yet. 

Prints/posters are available too. Til now I've never sold big ones online before due to shipping hassles =) (Smile) Basically all my usual convention merch and some additional Parashi images are there. (Still being uploaded, slowly.) 

Unfortunately the prices are a bit higher than my standard convention prices since RB takes a big chunk of it Crying, however it does auto-discount on bulk orders of postcards or stickers. In the future I might only keep the stickers there and sell prints/posters myself, which will let me make everything slightly cheaper......but this could be in months or a year, no idea yet :\ 

Yup anyway, in the meantime, feel free to check it out if interested~ :3 Thanks!

P.S. I have not driven onto any more curbs 8)v
edit// NEVER MIND. Testing an alternative for prints right now +_+b ideally I can have both original and fanart, prints and non-prints and just everything all in one place. Anyway, will update later if it ever works out. For now, original things are available thru dA and fanart prints thru me.


Unrelated...thanks so much for all the congrats on my grad TwT I really wasn't expecting those ;A; 
I've been at university since 2006 though so what you guys should actually be saying is "geez, finally!" and "about time!" =3= Regardless, I'M SO GLAD TO BE OUT OF THERE YAHHHHH (Technically though I'm still waiting for them to check my credits and approve my graduation application....)

So now, at the ripe old age of 24, I'm finally learning to drive \o/ (because I won't have a bus pass from school anymore, boohoo). I had to retake the knowledge test since I last took it 7 years ago and it's long expired. When the licensing office guy looked at my old card, he laughed .__. 

This was my first exchange with my driving teacher cause apparently I don't look my age:
Instructor: Are you a high school student?
Me: No D: I just graduated.
Instructor: Oh. So where are you planning to go to college?
Me: No no, I just graduated.....from college :I

My parking is ok but my turning is horrific.
Yesterday I drove onto the curb. (/ - \) Guys, please run.
Hi guys! I just graduated (yay!) and I'm moving soon (boo!) 

But basically my room has a ton of junk, so to make packing a little easier, I'm auctioning off a fat bundle of the Gintama things formerly taped around my walls - these include official products, magazine cutouts, printouts of official images, and some of my fanart prints. (I'm holding on to a few items like my Joui sets since I specifically hunted those down.)

Here's a picture of the pile. I'll add a few more things while I continue to clear my room.

Approximate contents:
- 7 really big posters (like A1-A2 size) (will be folded)
- 7 kinda big/long posters
- 20+ medium/small prints (around 9 are my art)
- 2 plastic folders
** Items have some wear and tear and a bit of tape residue on the backs
>>> As a bonus, you can also choose any 4 prints from HERE to throw into the bundle

Starting price: $5 (USD by paypal)
Current bid: $50
**Shipping will be an additional $4 to Canada, $7 to USA, $15 International 

Sold! Thank you! and thanks so much for all the congrats ;-;

question for guitar players from a noob

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 10, 2013, 4:07 PM

Do your fingertips ever regain their sensitivity while keeping the calluses? Or is it a permanent trade-off? Do you just get used to having no sensation in the fingertips and eventually forget about it?

Cause I can't stop rubbing at things with my left-hand's fingers now because they feel so funny 0: kind of like when your lips are numb after a dentist visit and you keep poking at them.

//edit// Thanks a ton for all the answers!! Feel free to keep tossing beginner tips at me if you like (:

leftovers sale + irrelevant things of interest

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 14, 2012, 5:11 PM

Hallooo, I've finally updated my sales page so feel free to look if you're interested in buying prints/buttons/other stuff that I sell at conventions. The url still says 2011 but please ignore it =w=;;;;

The page >>…

Regarding larger posters:

I'm only selling letter-sized and smaller things at the moment because shipping from Canada costs an arm and a leg. BUT, I'll be in U.S. during December, so I can ship 11x17" posters from there.

Drop me a quick comment if interested so I know if I should take pre-orders or not, otherwise I can't print them in time. (you can see the available designs in the photo of my table in my previous Akicon journal :b )

I asked my awesome friend who works for [undisclosed-so-nobody-gets-into-trouble] printer company to print me a continuous print of Paradigm Shift by nuriko-kun using a long-format printer.

So this wonderful thing is now hanging in the perfectly-sized space over my window 8)!
(I was too lazy to take down the drawings of Elizabeth that used to occupy that space, so they're sticking out the bottom in the most tacky manner now ahaha OTL)

And then, he was bored so I also received 3 random prints of this from 3 different printers:

The big one is literally 5 feet across @___@ I don't know where the heck I can put it but it's super cool 8D 8D

Equally unrelated, after Halloween, I put my psyduck costume onto a mound of clothes that sits in a chair next to my bed. That night, all I could see from my pillow was this creepy thing peeking out at me, in the eerie blue glow of my bedside lamp:

The Mess that was Akicon 2012

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 4:25 PM

(Very long journal warning)
Wooow, this is probably the worst-run convention ever.

Let me start with the good stuff first, since the bad things will be a far longer list :<

As usual, the people are WONDERFUL T-T!!

It's always great to see familiar people from previous years/other cons (though I suck at remembering names, sorrrry) and meet/talk to new people. Some people kept coming back and buying a little more each time, it was really nice ;-;
Also a random girl hugged me and some guys asked to take photos together (which was a little awkward lolll).

:iconno-wei: gave me a GORGEOUS drawing of Katsura & Eli reading Parashi comics!! It's soo sweeetttt I kept taking it out and looking at it every hour or so, all weekend T_T I LOVE IT SO MUCH, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

All in all everyone was super nice and I got so many compliments >o< It made me really happy when lots of people told me they were excited for Parashi too ;A;!! Sorry I was so loopy and sleepy the whole time. If I looked confused it's because I recognize your face but I couldn't remember who/when/where from OTL

Here's my table after setup.

I got to trade/buy/have some darn cute stuff as well :3 And since it was nearly Halloween, free candy everywhere! :D

Thank you to :iconbesieged-infection: who fed me onigiri on both Saturday and Sunday!!
Look at themmmmmm they're so cute ;-; yummy too!

mhpumpkin10 you're so funny xDD<3 I feel bad taking so much money from you ;-;

I ended up making decent money even though sales were slower than last year (due to long list of reasons below), but I took commissions this year which made up for it. Among my commissions were KuroBasu and Big Bang (kpop) which was fun :3 (But forgot to take pics of them.)

I think artists this year especially bonded because we were so united in our misery ("I'm freezing" is a great conversation starter) in that dreadful location......which I'll now elaborate on... in point form..because I still have a bad headache from that place.

Day 1 (Friday)

- Organization = FAIL. I arrived 15 min before the time they said we could set-up, only to find a huge pre-reg line with AA artists waiting in it. All the other years, AA could skip the lineup, get their badges early so they can set up before the attendees start coming by, so Fi and I went and asked a staff, who told us artists could come right up to the front. There was no signage. We were never notified of this. Nothing. The staff member just walked off at that, leaving me to run and tell all the artists in the line that they could come up front. We formed a new little line at the front of the desk and were then ignored for the next 15 minutes, while the girl at the desk sat there doing nothing. Then the same staff came back and said we had to go to the back of the line .___.?!? We argued a bit and finally the pre-reg girl started getting us our badges. Not a good start.

- After getting my badge, I was directed to AA......across the wet road, in rainy weathe, to a hideous parking garage. Uh oh. (Last time AA was in a parking garage was 3 years ago, oh look, also at Aki-con. It was pitch-black and awful.) Once again there were no signs indicating AA was there.

(this is someone else's pic, but here's the garage. I am the yellow blob near the bottom right)

- As like all the previous years, Aki-con still uses those bizarrely tiny tables. (They're like regular tables, but broken in half like a Kitkat bar.) But at least this one was expected.

- It was FREEZING COLD. We may as well have been outdoor. This is October in Washington, and it's rainy and windy. I was in my Psyduck costume which is essentially a big fleece-lined hoodie, and still I was shivering and sitting on my hands the entire day. I don't know how people in skimpy costumes could handle it. Needless to say, there was nearly no traffic, because WHO WANTS TO SHOP IN A FRIGID UGLY PARKING LOT when you can go back to the warm carpeted hotel?? It was really miserable and sales really sucked on Friday.

- As if it wasn't cold enough, there was a huge fan blowing a draft throughout the entire building. All my posters were waving back and forth all day. It was so cold I could not squeeze my lipbalm out of its tube, it was congealed solid -@

- Even worse than the cold, there were several dozen blue buckets hanging all over the ceiling, because the ceiling was LEAKING.....which could have been ok if the buckets were doing their job, but the buckets themselves were full to the brim, so nasty rainwater was dripping FROM the buckets, while the buckets themselves were wobbling dangerously the entire time. There were also leaks with no buckets to catch the water.

- A lake of brownish water from drippy buckets formed a few feet from my table. By afternoon, there was a river running down the aisle in front of me. Water was dripping right onto several people's tables/artwork and they had to be moved.

giant ass puddle

- The floor was also filthy (as you can see from the pics). It's a floor and I don't expect to eat off of it, but I only put my knee down for one second to grab something, and it came up black o_o I was scared to put anything on the floor.

- There were extension cords running EVERYWHERE. I was pretty horrified when I walked past one spot where the ceiling was dripping right onto a mess of wires. The fire department came by at some point. I heard rumors of at least one electrical fire that day.

- I had a table facing the wall, so all day I was staring at this beautiful brown stain here:

A couple meters down from this one, there was an even nastier moldy-looking black-green stain. Akicon staff later said it's tar used to fill in wall leaks. I don't know if they meant the brown one or the green one, but I had pretty bad allergies all throughout the con. Even funnier, before this, we got an email telling us not to use tacks on the walls so we don't damage the hotel walls =A= HAHA

- I wasn't there for this one, but I heard from my table neighbor the next morning. Apparently, late Friday night, one of the rain-filled buckets overturned and poured all over some poor boy!!! IT MUST HAVE BEEN FREEEEZING poor guy 8'D

Day 2

- After Day 1, I came wearing 3 sweaters under my hoodie. This time there were working heaters attached to the fans, which made it way too hot where I was sitting, and yet very cold in other parts of the Alley.

- The heat + wetness also made the air super humid. My posters started curling up until my whole display resembled one giant colorful potato chip.

- It was raining and leaking again. By 10am, the buckets were already full and dripping. We informed the staff, but nobody came to empty the buckets until 10PM =_=

- Instead, they "solved" the problem by putting down more buckets under the dripping buckets, which were regularly kicked over by people passing by.

- When someone finally came to change the buckets, the thing was so full it spilled all over him everytime he touched it. All us artists in the area gathered around and took photos of him taking it down.. xD

- My other table neighbor had a cable turn black from fire. By midday, electricity was shut down because too many people were using it and blew the limit. It didn't affect me, but I know there are some tables which rely on power to make their crafts.

Day 3

- We were lucky today because it wasn't raining outside, so no dripping, but the buckets were still full of smelly water from the days before. The room stank and it was hotter and more humid than ever. I gave up trying to uncurl my display posters.

- A lot of artists left early or never came back on Day 3 because sales and conditions were so bad. The price of the table + registration has been doubling the past 2 years too, this year's costed over $100. I wish I had skipped Friday altogether instead of skipping class.

You can see tons more (far angrier) complaints on their forum here if interested:… (It's escalating too.) ((Ahaha and now they've shut down the forum.)) (((Instead there's a whole tumblr dedicated to this mess loolll )))

Sorry so ranty. I'm not particularly angry, but it was definitely an uncomfortable 3 days. Whether or not I go again next year entirely depends on the changes they make. Just hoping I don't get sick now cause I really shouldn't skip any more classes.

Thanks again if you came by >A<!!! Drop me a message if we met so I can maybe match some names to faces ;-;!

Aki-con this weekend

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 25, 2012, 9:54 AM

Hallo, just a quick notice that I'll be away the next couple of days at Akicon in Bellevue, WA. (Early-hello if you'll be there too 8)! I'll be the coffee-laden blob.)

This week I've been really busy and soo sleeeepy everydayyy and buried in overdue schoolwork and workwork stuff. Nothing unusual... :( I think this post is full of horrid english cause I can't even think properly right now. Is it incoherent? IS it? Is it? Blah blah blah blah 3@
Mmm.....My prints shipment is supposed to arrive today and the con starts tomorrow! OTL Hopefully they do arrive huhu. Every year my preparations just get more manic D:

Back on point!...this is just a heads-up to anyone trying to get a-hold of me in the next few days (especially if I owe you work or anything :b), I probably won't reply until Monday. Depends. I might be able to go online at night...but more likely I'll just flop over everyday and sleep straight til the next morning.

Also, already posted this on Tumblr but this is my Psyduck costume

Might leave off the tail though since I'll just be sitting there behind a table the whole convention anyway.

Deleting this blurb later -@
Maybe quick con report after I come back and catch up on work and sleep >o<! Byebye!

I like ducks :v

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2012, 1:57 AM

Showing off my adorable duck collection instead of sleeping! 8D 8D I've posted pics of my duckies and my room in the past, but since then the ducks have totally multiplied so here they are again 8)! You can hunt up the old journals to see other pics.

Now then! Meet my mass of duckies :3

Plus a couple that live on my bed. (Okita mask 8D)

Also on my bed. That one there is a duck suit for dogs. I don't have a dog but I do have a stuffed monkey :0

(see Husbanana's fat belly there 0:!)

LOL at eye level they're a little creepy 8D;;
I see you there Big Bird you imposter D:

Look at it smiiiiile @▽@<3

Lalalala~ Those are sticky note page-holder thingies, not that I'll ever peel them 8I

I think this pen is ridiculously cute D: D:

And a couple more ducks in my bathroom too, but I've already showed them before.

Ahaaa that's it. Repost in a few months when the collection grows again 8) Hope I didn't scare anyone :b

//pointless journal is pointless.

Late thanks + Eli hat :D :D

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 19, 2012, 1:36 PM

Edit// Looks like everyone's Notes box is broken and not just mine, so nevermind that! /o/ yay it wasn't my fault!

Great big thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes, llamas, and amazing gift arts >A<!!!! You guys are too sweet ;-;//////

I ate lots of meat and cake and coffee and more meat :> and watched Expendables 2 which was (intentionally?) terrible, but hilariously so. My IQ dropped by about 20 points after watching it though.

Here, look at this splendid Elizabeth hat I got from Bean. Now I can look like my avi hehehe 8)
I'll just leave it uncropped so you can try to decipher what's a mirror and what's a door.

I'm holding a tablet btw. Not the drawing kind. The other kind.

Also my ducky collection grew so I'll show those off later once I organize them lovingly 8)

Ah!! D:

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 17, 2012, 1:06 AM

Who bought me a new sub?

Thank you kind anonymous!! ;-; (Reveal yourself!)

In the meantime, this journal is really short so have some random photos.

A stretchy bunny lives in our frontyard. It looks like a slinky D:

And lately a gopher or mole or something is making funny domes in the lawn >:

The weather is too hot to draw this week...... ._.

Why this again D:

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 11:54 PM

If you remember the amusing/disturbing "Free cremation" letter I got months ago (in this journal:… ).......
well I got another one! They really want me to die lolll -@

Someone asked to see the inside last time but I didn't have it at the time, so here it is now haha xD

Yeah yeah it sounds great and all but come on! Send it to someone older ok ;-;

(also just want to bump the super long china journal off my page)

China trip post (photo heavy)

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2012, 3:38 AM

Mm I don't know how to go about this in an organized manner, so this will just be a stream of photos with my intermittent narration.

Our trip was Shanghai > Hangzhou > Nanjing > Suzhou > Wuxi > back to Shanghai. Then we went to Hong Kong on our own.

Oh yeah, first, since I have no photos of these (for good reason): THE SQUAT TOILETS. They suck. They stink. You can always tell if there's a bathroom nearby by the smell in the air! Half the time the flush doesn't even work. All the used toilet paper is tossed in a bin, so the smell just lingers and lingers. For some reason, sometimes they sell food right outside the bathrooms. LIKE WHY?! I don't know how anybody can think about eating with that smell there.

I drank as little as possible. Between my sis and I, we also brought 5-6 rolls of toilet paper, so it was more than enough. (We left the extra rolls at Grandma's in HK afterwards haha.)

Anyhoo, onto pictures...

From our place to China was a 12 hour flight, 4 hour break at airport, then another 3 hour transfer flight -@ It's definitely unpleasant.

In my hours of boredom, I made a croissant out of the towel they gave us.

On the plane, I also tried watching Twilight for a laugh....but I fell asleep instead and when I woke up, it was over. After that I just watched lots of TV shows.

Chinese Coca-Cola!!! I thought these were the greatest things when I first saw them! And then they became ordinary lol.

The sky in China is perpetually gray. It's very smoggy and there's always a funny smell in the air. Sometimes the funny smell is toilet.

Lucky for us, it was rainy season when we went, so the temperature hovered around 30 degrees the whole time. Still warm and very sticky, but at least not deadly. It's indeed very humid though. It's hard to breathe when you step outside after being in A/C indoors.

Like everyone warned, traffic is bad. The traffic lights are just for show. If you follow them, you will be run over >8I
I saw 4 cars driving side-by-side on a 3-lane road. Oh yeah, and mopeds are everywhere.

How is this guy not falling? -@

We went with a bus tour, which was all Asians from overseas. The tour guides spoke in Cantonese and English and had terrible accents in both. Whenever our bus stopped anywhere, vendors would come around and try to sell us things. I guess you learn some useful phrases right away like "wo bu yao" (I don't want). I haggle by walking away =w= it's surprisingly effective.

First city was Shanghai, where I picked up that birdie at a market :3

At the market we also came across this anime/toy store, and found Eli!

My (taller younger) sister and I in Elizabeth hats 8D 8D

At this market we lost 2 people from our bus already. They never came back to the meeting place, and after a 45 minute wait, we left without them =o=;;

..and went to Shanghai Museum:

Lots of sculptures and paintings and such here. I liked the furniture.
And this duck figure 8D

My ancestor was some famous painter during the Yuan dynasty (according to my dad) and this is apparently his painting! He uhh..I don't know.. he paints nice trees.

After our museum visit, the 2 lost people managed to get ahold of a phone, call our tour guide, and we picked them up again, lucky for them :b They had gotten led away by vendors and were sold lots of suitcases. Don't follow strangers in China D:

Grapes above our heads! (in Hangzhou)

Tamarinds too! Ate some (outside of pad thai) for the first time :3

We got to ride a boat on a lake, and later on a canal.

This lady played and sang for us on the boat ride........ unfortunately I couldn't really hear her above the noise of the boat motor =3=

My favorite parts of the China trip are the acrobat shows 8) We got to see 2 of them. They're absolutely superhuman *___* Didn't take pics because I was too busy gaping in awe. I always like the flipping through hoops parts most. At one point, there were 8 motorcycles driving around inside a round metal cage.

My parents however, fell asleep the moment they turn off the lights. At BOTH SHOWS. D8 HOW???

The hotels were very nice as well. These tours are government-sponsored and they put us in awesome 5-star hotels.

The 1st night in, my sister left her shorts at the hotel.
The 2nd night in, I left my tablet charger at the hotel ;-; (Bought a replacement later in HK.)
So lame.

My sister and I were mesmerized by the window between the room and the bathroom..

Also, free slippers 8D! I kept them at each hotel, now I have 7 pairs hahaha

The free buffet breakfast at each hotel was by far the best meal of each day.

My sister likes her fruits and veggies..

And I like my meat.

Otherwise, the meals were pre-ordered by the tour and the food was pretty blah.

^ A fly in my soup at one lunch.
Nobody got sick from anything though as far as I know. I brought all this Pepto-Bismol along too =o=;
Instead of giving us water, we just had beer at every meal.

Snakes in a jar!!! But we didn't get to eat any :(

One of the hotels had a pond outside.
Inside were black swans

And ducks! 8)

More ducks!

I love ducks!

Oh no they're leaving D8

Crazy swarms of fish as well. If you walk nearby, they think you're feeding them and will crowd around.

I thought this J-shaped banana was wonderful.

Somebody suggested we try these yangmei (bayberries) which aren't exported outside of China, so I bought some :) They're good, but have a funny sourish smell.

We also ate some peach from Wuxi (which was mediocre because they weren't in season yet) and some mango from some island..I forget which, but it was really delicious.

Since it's a government-sponsored thing, we got ushered into all the national goods places that they want to promote: tea, silk, pearls, jade, etc. Anyone touring China with a bus tour will have gone to all these.

They give really convincing speeches but ummmm... the stuff they sell at these places are almost always overpriced, and may or may not be authentic. I'll just leave it at that. They'll also make you stay there for a long time to pressure you into buying something. On the good side, there is air-con.

Tea place. Free tea yay x:

We went to multiple jade places which I grew to hate. The ladies wouldn't stop putting bracelets on me and I couldn't get them off on my own without lotion D8<

Anyway a jade bok-choy 8D

Silk factory

We were there for HOURS. Sis and I bought these silk pencil cases and then got really bored and started taking pointless pics..

There was also this guy who paints inside of hollow glass bottles and teapots, that was pretty cool :0

Thanks to my mosquito-magnet sister, I only got one bite on the trip. She got 3? 4? Haha 8D I don't think it's peak mosquito season yet though.

A pretty garden in Suzhou...

..full of engrish signs!

Lol what

I think this one is a threat.

My sister the rebel.

Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum at Nanjing:

It's nice..but not sure if it was worth climbing the 392 steps of stairs =A= We had green bean popsicles afterwards to avoid death by exhaustion.

My mom bought a sword here lolll 8'D

Lingshan at Wuxi

Xiangfu temple there

To go in, we had to wear these footbag thingers heehee

It had pretty ceilings and some cool carvings.

The giant buddha statue at Lingshan. Those steps looked too daunting, and it was pouring rain, so we just looked from a distance =v=

BEWARE THIS GIANT BUDDHA FOUNTAIN. It will suddenly spray everyone within a certain distance >80 We fell for it.

On the last day of the tour, they let us go eat on our own 8)
We had xiaolongbaos in Shanghai because it's a must!

They were decent and super super cheap. BUT, not as good as the xiaolongbaos in Hong Kong.
nom nom nom nom they were so ridiculously good

Also, tofu pudding *-* This tofu-fa place has been around since I lived in HK as a kid. I used to eat there in preschool. Still so good :L

Also, roast whole suckling pig!

I bought a bunch of random items in both China and HK, but too lazy to take more photos now. We bargained shamelessly 8D Got stuff like 30HK$ shirts (about $4) and some retarded toys meant for much younger children.

My cousin lives near the Peak so he drove us up. The sky in HK is a billion times bluer than that in China.

I don't have many pics of HK since it's fairly familiar grounds :b We just ate and shopped a lot, visited relatives, and picked up our government rebate 8Dv (yay free money)

There was a typhoon when we went to HK, so we walked around outside in it 8) The weather was pretty wonky while we were there, lots of sudden pouring rain, followed by bright sun, then pouring again 5 min later.

Ok that's it. Sorry for ultra long post xD;

everyone look at this bird

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 5, 2012, 2:31 AM

Heyoo! I just got back earlier today from China and HK :> still really loopy, jetlagged, and slightly sick at the moment. (sorry if I'm bringing any scary asian flus into the Americas lalala..)

I got to experience pretty much everything you guys mentioned in the last journal xD though not to such extremes in some cases. Overall everything was ok. China was cool and HK of course is shopping heaven. I'll make a better post later after I sort out all these photos. Most of the pics I took are of weird things... =3=

But anyway before that!!!!!!!!!!!!  

When I was in Shanghai, this little sparrow (?) flew over and landed near me, so I approached it like I always do when I spot birds, expecting it to fly off when I try to poke it..but it didn't 80! So I picked it up.

ITWASADORABLE *____________*

Sorry for the crappy photos, my dad took them and he never focuses on the right thing OTL

I carried it around with me for the rest of our time in that area, but then left it behind cause I can't bring it around on the bus (as much as I'd love to). Also it was probably diseased haha......... Well I'm still alive. It's all good.

Okiedokes, will make a better post when I'm more coherent~

China trip! :3 (tips?)

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 15, 2012, 1:58 AM

Hi guys! Just a little early notice that I'll be headed off to China and Hong Kong from June 21st to July 4th, so if you can't get ahold of me during that time.........well, that's why.

I've been to HK enough before, but this will be my first time to China (3@) Really excited!!

Anybody been there or live there? Any tips? Things to know/watch out for?
(I'm just going with a tour, so I won't get any crazy rural experiences.)

The stuff I've already know:
- Toilets are nasty. Bring toilet paper everywhere
- Watch out for pickpockets
- It's so hot you're gonna drown in your own sweat haw haw

Here's where I wish I knew more mandarin OTL
Chinese-person-fail. I'll stick with my parents T-Tv

Oh why

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 14, 2012, 1:46 AM

Just now I picked up a sharpie and drew on my Cintiq screen.

Pffff luckily it came off with water OTL

I mean, I've almost done this many times before, picked up pens or pencils thinking they're my stylus, but this is the first time it actually happened =3=

And Friday the 13th was supposed to be over u_u
Anyway that's my mini heart attack of the day 8(

Completely unrelated but equally interesting (not sure if interesting is the right word here), I got the strangest letter in the mail the other day.

What on earth???

I opened it and it was trying to persuade me to pre-purchase a cremation for myself. Thanks a lot. I'm 23. That's only a little ominous 8(

It's addressed to me personally too. Nobody else in my family got one OTL I don't even know who they are or how they got my address.......

Back from Sakuracon / pre-orders shipping

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 3, 2012, 9:00 PM

--- April 10 2012 ---
(just editing over old journal)

I'm back from the con! I was there this weekend with :icondigiyume: and :iconmango-chi:.
That's right. That girl with me at my table was THE Bean-sama. But you probably didn't see her cause she was so tiny. So tiny. So tiny.

Here was my table (and my corpse on day 3) By then, my Saber and Hetalia and Naruto things were all gone, and I was yawning every 5 minutes.

I flipped over my table sign and drew Elizabeths all over it haha. Brought it home with me too, so now it's hanging over my window 8D

Thanks for some very good sales! I didn't bring very many books, but the ones I did bring all sold out.
Once I recover, I'll be selling some leftover prints and items online.

Also, I've started mailing out artbook preorders. Please check here for the status if you ordered. I'll have them all sent within the next 1-2 days and then open up regular orders.

--- April 3 2012 ---

No April Fools this time :) (You guys were adorable by the way hahaha)

The artbooks are finished printing and they're now sitting in my room in heavy heavy boxes, most of which I haven't even opened yet because I've been really swamped 8(

I will send out all the pre-orders before opening up regular orders. It'll take me some time first to fold/put on the covers, sign/doodle, whatever, and haul them to the post office though. Since I'm leaving tomorrow for Sakura-con, all that will happen early next week when I come back (aiming for April 10th). Sorry for the delay D:

After that, I'll post a proper sale post and photos and start taking orders. Expect a big rambling blurb too. Printing books for the first time was uh... an adventure. I have much to complain talk about.

Yep yep that's it :B Thanks for waitinggg >A<

P.S. If any of you will be at Sakuracon, I'll be bringing a few books to sell there too.

Previews and pics and stuff

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 23, 2012, 5:43 PM

Firstly, thanks for 1 million pageviews! (almost) (I'm assuming this journal will probably push it over)
Thanks for putting up with my sloppy art, sporadic updates, and the weird things I write for all these years. You guys are wonderful!

Onto more exciting things.... 8)

I nearly dislocated my arms going to pick up parts of the artbook 8) Namely, the outer jacket and the fold-out (which to be technical, is not so much a fold-out poster, as it is a foldED poster, inserted into the book.) I had to carry a 30lb box many blocks between transit stations and the printshop/my house. Twice. Once for the cover and once for the poster, because I ordered from 2 different places. I can barely type right now because my arms are so numb. Every other word is coming out as a typo haha.

Now just waiting for the book itself x: It should be done next weekkkkkkkk >A<

Anyway, since I don't have the book yet, I just put the cover onto a fake book I made out of blank paper (lol) Crummy photo quality, but I assure you the print quality is nice; the printers did a good job *w*b

The dust jacket:

Halloooo there Ryuu 0:

One side of the fold-out

And some of the free prints you could get if you pre-ordered..

This has nothing to do with anything, it's just in my room and I want to show it.

This as well. It's one of my shelves. The Eli is from toypanda and my little sister made the amigurumi banana 8) (And I bought all the weird banana-animals)

They look a little eerie in the dark like that...

Artbook Preorders :D

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 2, 2012, 7:08 PM

Hallooo :3
I'll be taking artbook preorders for the next few weeks until March 20th.
Edit// Preorders are now closed. Thanks so much everyone >A<

There's really no big incentive to pre-order. (Alright Nuri. That'll encourage everyone.) Preordered books will get a bonus random print. If I have extras at the end, you'll get more than one. If I run out, I'll make more, or give out doodles or something. Buttfaces on napkins! Yeah! I don't know, decide later d:

Anyway... The price won't change and I'll have plenty of copies so they are in no danger of running out, so feel free to just wait until the books are completely done to order. I'll announce again when that happens. If you preorder, it'll help me out a bit with the upfront printing costs and your book will be shipped soonest.

Pre-orders are by Paypal or Credit Card only! (I'll accept cash later on during regular orders so please wait if you want to use that method.)

If nothing goes wrong, the books will be ready to go out around end of March. Regular orders will open at that time too.

All the info, prices, and instructions are: HERE AT THIS PAGE THAT I'VE LOVINGLY COLORED!

(If my site won't open for you, I also copypasted the instructions here: )

Go here to check status if you pre-ordered: STATUS PAGE
Some people send me payments without order forms! Check there to make sure it's not you! Unless you really want to give me free monies..... then I won't object =3=b

Thanks! ;w;